About  Kathy Biggs

Kathy Biggs has the experience and expertise to help you live a life you truly love living, instead of just dreaming about it!

Kathy is a former minister with the Christian Motorcyclists Association and a certified life coach from the Brave Thinking Institute. For years she has helped people both here and abroad live more productive and fulfilling lives and, above all, teaching them about the great power that resides in each and every one of us.

In addition to coaching, Kathy enjoys working with businesses in team building and communication.  Therefore, creating more harmony in the work place, helping to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

Kathy, Craig, and Max, their dog, live in southwest Oklahoma where they enjoy life with their family and friends.  They love hiking, biking, paddle boarding, exploring new places, and getting to know people everywhere they go.     

Life really is great, if you know how to live it…

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